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James takes to the sky


On the runway to ATPL

I cannot begin to describe the feeling you get from walking out towards the plane, performing pre-flight checks, gaining takeoff clearance and feeling of the wheels leaving the ground, its fantastic.

I have spent most of my life working within Audio-Visual and the entertainment industry delivering memorable experiences for customers, something I want to continue as a pilot. During this time I continued to have a huge passion for aviation, saving to have tester sessions at my local airfield, this only confirmed my lust for becoming an pilot.

During 2019 and traveling along the A50 towards the M1 looking up at the planes coming in and out of East Midlands Airport I felt it was time to make this dream a reality 'Commercial Pilot by 40!' is what I decided (Although in reality I want it sooner)

Then the global pandemic hit us all hard in 2020, I was made redundant, and although aviation has also been hit hard, it hasn't dampened my want to follow my dream to the flight deck. I spent the downtime to read the Pooleys Air Pilot manuals (along with looking after a new puppy, two children, beautiful wife and an endless of projects around the house)

Flash forward to 2021, I'm now back in work, helping with the pandemic by acting as Site manager for a Covid-19 testing site, saving as much as I to pay for training to get me to that goal.

I would love for you to follow my progress, offer advice, support and guidance while I push forward on this ambitious dream.

I have setup a 'GoFundMe' page, an easy way for me and you to track my goal from a financial point of view, I'm not asking you to pay into this (However any spare change thrown in this direction would be greatly received!) It is however a visual representation on how far I've come and got left to go.

I'm also hopeful that my blog will aid someone else looking to start the journey, leaving honest reviews of my experience along the way.

Thank you for your time, Lets get ready for takeoff!


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